Jumat, 17 Desember 2010



apakah aku yang membuat kekeliruan?
apakah tenagaku terkuras habis oleh beban tanggung jawabku?

suatu hari kelak, jika aku sudah lebih tua apakah tiba-tiba aku harus mengahadapi kenyataan pahit-manis yang di sebut penyesalan,
iya menyesal mengikuti arah angin ?

Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

All of my life

Let me ask time has passed
Just tell me how you feel
I don’t know what you’re thinking anymore

Even though we’re far apart
Don’t you know my love is here?
Don’t you know my love is real?
You should know by now
This much is true
My love is here for you

Even though you’re far away
I’m right beside you day by day
I wish you were here to stay
I am all alone without you

Let me see in your eyes
That you won’t say goodbye
And if you need me
Take my hand, touch my face
Let me feel your embrace

Give me this moment, this precious chance
Every endeavor I have made ever
Is coming’ into play, is here and now today

I will never leave you hold on tight
Promise to stay forever by your side